Online casinos gives a bonus to new entry players for their first deposit and the continuously playing of a game to a specific player. The casino gives such type of bonus as a player doesn’t leave the game in middle and make a habit of playing. Bonus attach the player to a game that player doesn’t want to get rid of easily and continuously Many play the game. A bonus is given at a high amount lost by the player. The online casino decides or takes in mind that when a bonus is given to a player then it doesn’t instantly give up the game in the middle.

  • Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus given to a new entry player when he makes the first payment to the casino. Sometimes bonuses are found in form of a package in an online casino such that a bonus is paid to the player for its first three deposit. Welcome bonus given to players which cross the limit of money set by the casino and paid amount more than decided by the casinos. This bonus helps to attach a player to a certain game of a table or slot game.

  • Referral Bonus 

Referral bonus is divided into two kinds first given to the Referrer of a keputusan 4d hari ini game and the other to the Referee. When the Referrer name is given by the Referee when he made a new entry in a casino then Referee gets a bonus for it. When the referee made all the needs and pays the amount played for specific bets made by players during the game.

NO-deposit Bonus

This kind of bonus is famous among online casino players because its bonus is given to the players before making any kind of payment to the casino. This bonus offers such that which players don’t want to play also come in the greed of money and playing grand dragon lotto games. It also gave such that player attachment made with the game and they don’t get rid of it easily.

  • Cashback bonus 

Cashback is given a certain amount of money given to the player for its continuous defeats during the play. This kind of given by some casinos who mention this bonus in their package and give to the players such that players don’t too afraid of losing the game. This bonus stops the player from getting rid of playing and it offers as a bet to the players.

  • Comp points bonus

This kind of bonus found in some online casino mostly it found in the offline casino. Money, price, or other comps are don’t get by casino directly so in place of it offers comp point. From these comp points, a player could bet in a game like blackjack online and slots. These comp points are an indirect form of money for the player such that from it he could get a bonus, free ticket to entre the new game, etc 

These are some kind of bonuses which offers by an online casino to the players such that player doesn’t leave in the game in middle and also attract new players to the game. This proves to be profitable to the online casino.

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